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Isbnaut does everything but edit your manuscript.

We design the front and back covers to your satisfaction. The interior is then professionally formatted, usually with a Frontispiece: This is the piece of artwork on the left page. The title page contains the title of the book, the author (or authors) and the publisher.

A copyright Page includes the declaration of copyright - who owns the copyright (in our case, the authors) - and other types of credits such as illustrator and editors. A dedication page, features acknowledgments, ISBN number, publisher info and any credits the author wishes to include. And lastly, one or more index page


It’s easy to become an ISBNaut

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Our Authors create the manuscripts that our editors publish free

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Literary Agents do the marketing with a modified network tree
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Because we publish books free, doesn’t mean we produce inferior product

On the contrary, superior quality is essential for successful marketing. And marketing is where the money is. As an Isbnaut, you will be automatically be entitled to share in your author’s royalties.

Isbnaut - The world's only FREE publishing and marketing company