Are you tired of chasing unresponsive traditional book publishers only to get nothing but rejection slips?

Afraid of all the publishing scams demanding money in advance?

Isbnaut's FREE publishing service is the answer to your dreams.

We are the world's first and only book publisher offering free book publishing services including book layout and formatting, cover creation, assigning the ISBN number, and printing the finished book. Isbnaut doesn’t need to charge to publish your book...we’ll make money selling it.

Unlike cosmetic or so-called Hybrid publishers who charge outlandish prices - in advance - and do little more than print the book and list it in the major book catalogs and send a couple of news releases to your local media. After that, if your don't care to pay the thousands of dollars they demand to do a reasonably thorough marketing job,you're left on your own to build a website, create posters, buy adverting space on Google and Facebook, and produce videos for Utube.  -- which requires zero effort. The author is then required to do all the marketing, not knowing what or how to even begin selling it. Or pay through the nose for marketing services.

In contrast, can't exist if we can't sell your book. That's how we recover our publishing costs, Pay expensive website charges, pay generous royalties to our authors, agents, and reviewers. Therefor we are obliged to must print and publish great library quality books, books that that the author is cheerful prooud to ewcommend to family, friends and aquaintences. Our goal is to make every book we publish a Nationaal Best Seller.

What exactly do we do for authors? Everything but edit the manuscript.

We design the front and back covers to your satisfaction. Professionally format the interior rite the front matter, format the interior with a Frontispiece -- the piece of artwork on the first left page -- produce a title page containing the book title, author (or authors) and the publisher.

A copyright Page includes the declaration of copyright (who owns the copyright which, in our case, it is always the author) and other types of credits such as illustrators, editors, and reviewers. A dedication page features acknowledgments, ISBN number, publisher info and any other credits the author wishes to include. 

So what's  the cost and exactly what do I get?

Your total cost including shipping is only $30US for four books. But let me explain. We have no membership fees. Every penny you spend is to purchase books. When you register for an account you must buy one of our $14.95 books, which supports the author, and ties you into our marketing program where you can earn something like $7.000 by selling any book, to just six people. See the marketing page for details.

So what all do you get for that $14.95? A great softcover book you'll enjoy reading, and a free ebook version of Napoleon Hill's best-selling book "Think and Grow Rich',which actually can make you rich. Plus you'll have your own website and lots more as we progress together.

But wait. What about that other $15? What is that for. Well, it's actually optional. I'm quite sure though that you will want a couple of your own books, so well give you two at cost, plus shipping...$15.00.

Of course, agents don't have the extra $15.00 charge for two books, because he didn't publish any.

So go up a bit and click our book worm mascot to register and get started on the road to riches with Napoleon Hill and Isbnaut. Costs less than $20US to get started on an exciting new career that promises you'll get rich with Isbnat's marketing tools and Napoleon Hill's roadmap to certain success. Costs just $14.95 plus shipping for two books, a new website, and a proud career as an agent or Author.

“Think and Grow Rich”.

Our Authors create the manuscripts that our editors publish free

Our Publishers turn them into books of the highest quality

Literary Agents do the marketing with a modified network marketing system
All three work together and share in the generous royalties available on every book

Because we publish books free, doesn’t mean we produce inferior products

Au contraire, superior quality is essential for successful marketing. And marketing is where the money is. As an Isbnaut, you will be automatically be entitled to share in your author’s royalties.

Isbnaut - The world's only FREE publishing and marketing company