A new kind of MLM that really works

Go to 'books' and select a $14.95 book you'd like to read then signup. During the registration process you'll have the opportunity to buy the book you like and pay. You'll be registered as an agent automatically and earn royalties every time someone buys a book you recommend. It's that simple.



1.  Let's say you sold six books to friends or family members. They would become your 1st level Agents and you would earn 20 percent of their total $89.70 purchases: $17.94

2. If those new Agents each sold six books, you'd have 6 times 6 new Agents on your second level, with 36 sales totaling $538.56. Your royalties are 10% on level 2 sales equaling $53.87

3. So if the 36 new members on level two each sold six books, there'd be 216 new Agents on level three with sales totalling $3,229.20. Your royalties on this level are 10%, giving you another $322.92

4. Now your business is really growing, with 216 Agents each selling six books, you now have 1,296 new Agents and $19,375 in sales, with five percent royalties for $968.76

5. Level five is next with 1,296 Agents selling six books each, the number of Agents on level five have ballooned up to 7,776 with sales totalling $116,601 with total royalties of $5,830

Adding them all up gives you a Royalty total of $7,196.00 for selling just six books at $14.95 each.

The sky's the limit for anyone with an open mind and a clear dream for the future.

What if you sold 12 books instead of six and all Agents did the same?

The total would be $204,433.00

Give it a try. You have absolutley nothing to lose, and a fortune to gain. Simply buy your friend's book for less than you'd pay for it on Amazon, and you'll automatically become the author's Agent entitled to share in his/her royalties. Best of all, we'll give you the training and tools you need for success!

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