The Jesus Myths

By Cal Smith

Many books and articles have been written contending that Jesus is a myth,
and so he is, but they all stop short of revealing how and why the storys of
Jesus came into being - which is the main subject of this book.

If you doubt that anyone could write such an incredible tale - a story that
occupies a major portion of the New Testament - think for a moment about
the legend of Harry Potter. If JK Rowling had written that series of fables
in the first century AD, we'd likely all be worshipping Harry today.

But there's more than just Jesus fables to this book: Jean Messlier, a catholic
priest for thirty years proves conclusively that God does not, and never did
exist other than in the imaginations of men; instilled there by the insane mutants
in the upper echelons of the Roman Catholic Church.

Not only did the Popes and Bishops consistently murder each other, but one:
Pope Stephan VI dug up the remains of his predessesor, Pope Formosus, and
put his corpse on trial in what is known as the Cadaver Synod in the year 897AD.
Formusus didn't say a word in his own defence, and was therefore convicted.

There are many other twists and turns in this book that make it a must for every